The Robin Hood Diaries

The Robin Hood Diaries

Everything I Do is getting a sequel!

Everything I Do is a tale of Robin Hood, secrets, love, sacrifice, adventure and friendship. Perfect for fans of ACOTAR and Six of Crows. If you love female assassins, girls masquerading as boys, strong friendships, groups of boys and slow burn romance, then this is the book for you!
After a *heated* game on instagram (x) the title of the Robin Hood Book Two was revealed: It’s
 Every Wrong Right (EWR).

Here are the characters we’ll see shine get tortured in this second installment in the Outlaws series (the series will span about 6 books!)
*Disclaimer: The character reference images below have been cropped out of artwork to which I do not own the rights. All of their creators are credited here.

C  H  A  R  A  C  T  E  R  S   of  Every  Wrong  Right - OUTLAWS BOOK 2

Ru: An assassin who has inflitrated the camp of outlaws posing as a boy. Not everyone has been fooled. Plus, she’s fallen in love with her intented victim. She’s in for a world of pain.
Robin: A young baron turned outlaw after his father’s enemies left him in a dungeon to rot. He’s fighting to make “every wrong right” but there are so many wrongs and he’s so tired and feels so guilty for every single life that’s lost on his watch. He is a Sotf Boy™ who is a genius with the bow and arrow, and loves a cat named “Fox”.   
Tuck: Of half Chinese descent, an ex-monk who had his fingers cut off for doing non-monkish stuff. He can kill you with a single swing of his staff, but looks deceptively lean and wickedly handsome. He gets to be called “old man” because he’s over 30 and this is, well, the Middle Ages.
John: A giant of a warrior with blonde braids that reach the middle of his back. Fiercely protective of Robin and his two young children, who he’s had to hide away with friends, because he’s an outlaw. He is NOT going to let anyone lay a finger on Robin, be it man or woman. Yet he is harboring dark secrets of his own. Deadly ones, to be precise.
Will: Too young, too sad, too tortured. He’s been through much more than anyone ever should in an entire lifetime. He’s an orphan with the advanced warrior skill of Robin Hood (they grew up as brothers and trained together) and the soul of a poet. Danger follows him around, but to be honest, Will follows it first. He is suffering from sever PTSD, and is hiding from everyone the fact that he’s suicidal. They know.

Alis: A wealthy lady that Robin rescued from a gruesome wedding ceremony to an old man. She’s deadly with the bow and the sword, and fiercely protective of all the men. She mothers them to death, and they protest, but secretly love it. She hides her golden braid inside a hood, a fact that every member of the outlaw gang hates with a passion.
Julian: Red-haired and multi-talented, otherwise known as My Poor Boy. He’s the Intelligent™ one, the brains behind the band of outlaws who fight against evil. Unfortunately, he’s been shackled in the Sheriff’s dungeon for the past 5 or more years, and is currently a shadow of his former shelf. He gets beaten up daily, and is hanging onto life by a mere thread.
Gilbert: A member of the Sheriff’s elite personal guard, Gilbert is the eyes and ears of Robin in the castle. Insanely loyal and protective of his chief. His real name is Galib. He’s a mountain of muscle and he’s black. His fondest wish is to follow the outlaws in the forest, but Robin needs him in town, so that he can spy for him. Hopefully, he won’t get caught. (We all know what *hopefully* means, right?) 
Ximena: A beautiful Arab woman, who has been raised in an English convent, and is now in great danger in the Sheriff’s household. A brief meeting with Robin and his band of outlaws is her last hope. That is, if she survives long enough to be rescued.
Alan: Singer, song-writer, jester. Extremely clever and amazingly annoying. He makes his first appearance in EWR and, well…for such a smart dude, he does some really, really dump stuff. Maybe that’s because he’s used to constanly living in danger and doesn’t give a damn anymore. That, plus he’s a reckless and handsome devil. Exactly what the band of outlaws need right now, when everything is about to fall apart in a BIG WAY.
These are the Outlaw Series heroes of course (or anti-heroes in a few cases). The villains are a cast all on their own, and I might introduce them in a future Robin Hood Diary entry!

W  R  I  T  I  N  G   Updates ~ FIRST HALF OF 2019:

WIPs completed:
  • Beauty and the Beast Reverse Regency retelling featuring a POC heroine. (Set in the Ruined universe)
  • Pierce Me, contemporary New Adult standalone, about a singer who has become an idol and lost himself. (Set in the Lose Me universe)
Currently writing:
  • A mermaid story featuring a VERY famous shipwreck ;). (Set in the Salt for Air universe - prequelish)
  • Forget Me, a novel about a ballerina and a billionaire bad boy who tutors her so that she can get into an Ivy Legue college. (Set in the Lose Me universe).
Currently editing:
  • Every Wrong Right, Outlaws Book 2. Set to release this autumn/winter.
Marketing plans:
  • Cover reveal of EWR. Everyone who helps reveal it will get a free book! Cool, right? Will announce soon.
  • The Book Robin Hoods Newsletter, featuring about 10 books that are free or bargains. Sign up here if you’re a reader and here if you’re an author. It’s a steal either way.
  • Requesting reviewers on instagram and tumblr (of course of course).
  • Rep search (my first one!) coming in August. Readers will receive all my books for free in exchange for reviews, yummy pictures and general exposure.
Mental health check-in: 
  • Mostly ok, but having a few really bad days in-between that drain me of energy. Trying to manage my diet better, because that really helps. Also going to the pool twice a week (sometimes three times a week) which helps so much.
  • Self-destructive thoughts and tendencies are soaring. Must do something about that, though. Getting in touch with friends is the only thing that helps.
  • Have been dealing with bullies a lot for some reason, mainly online, but once in my place of employment too. (I quit shortly after, because there was physical violence involved). Therefore, I have been a little bit blocked with writing, not for ideas or anything, but feeling so hated that I couldn’t write. Writing sprints and the dude helped me with that, and I’m in a good place right now.
  • Shadowhunters
  • Will and Grace (always)
  • Good Omens
  • EVERYTHING on Kissasian
  • Wild Romance
  • The Marvelous Mrs Maisel
  • Russian Doll
Ha! We’d be here for centuries if I told you (2 to 3 books a day). But you can see what I read every single day here.
How are you doing? I hope you’re taking care of yourselves, doing things you like, taking it easy, getting a lot of hugs and drinking your water.
Create something awesome!

Read Everything I Do, Outlaws Book 1:

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