Q:adisarrayofthoughts asked on tumblr: Hey ! Love your blog. Can you list all your WIPs/Finished Works with little summaries ? (Terrible thing to ask I know :p)

A:Hey :) Thank you so much for being interested in my books, you don’t know what this means to me! Also, yes, it is cruel to try to sum up your babies books in one sentence, but I'll do my best. 
Here we go:
Gorgeous pic of Lose Me. by @thegeekyyogi on instagram, whose feed is a bookish heaven. I mean, seriously.

First of all, you can click the image below to go to the books page of my website, which will explain everything much better, and give you the opportunity to receive free paperbacks and read free excerpts. So click:
(click the image)

No Ordinary Star is a Young Adult scifi/dystopian trilogy (No Ordinary Star, No Plain Rebel, No Vain Loss) about a world where time means nothing, kisses and books are forbidden (among other things), and Christmas is forgotten. It takes place in the year 2525.
Ruined is a Regency historical romance/murder mystery, a reverse retelling of Jane Eyre - a governess goes to work for a duke and his young ward, only it is she who has the mad, dark secret chasing after her, not he.
Lose Me. is a New Adult novel about a British actor and a stunt girl who film a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice on a Greek island.

WIPs (Works In Progress):
Everything I Do / Untitled Robin Hood WIP is an untitled Robin Hood story (lol)
Salt for Air/ Greek Mythology WIP This one’s finished, but not yet published. It’s a Young Adult paranormal story, about a girl who is a writer and gets badly bullied at school, only to be saved by a ‘merboy’. It’s a retelling of Iliad, and takes place in Greece.
The above banners are links (not in this pic, but on my site, mcfrankauthor.com)and you can click them here, if you want to find excerpts, detailed descriptions, links and aesthetics for all my books! Three of them are currently uploaded for free on wattpad :)

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