R o b i n   H o o d   i s   b a c k.

This is how it starts:
“We are probably going to die today,” said John.
“I’m aware,” Robin replied. “But then again, we’re constantly going to die.”
“So what you’re saying is,” Alis hissed behind them, “that you’re used to being about to die.”
“More or less,” Will Scarlet replied, rare laughter in his voice. “The excitement is gone.
Title: Hood
Author: M.C. Frank
Series: Outlaws
Genre: Dark historical romance

Meet Robin Hood's band of outlaws. Their story starts with Christmas, a lost love, a hungry town and a robbery.
In this Outlaws novella, Robin Loxley is a tortured young man mourning the loss of his title, his lands and his first love. Tonight, with the help of his close friends, he will get a new name that will live in history, a cat that could care less that Robin happens to be the most brilliant archer in medieval England, and a chance to prove himself by rescuing a lady from a fire.
But this is no ordinary lady...
And that is no ordinary fire...

HOOD is a prequel novella to the beloved bestselling Outlaws series by M.C. Frank.

origin story
prequel novella
group of boys who keep almost dying
girl disguised as boy (and sick of aforementioned boys)
underdogs to heroes
slowburn/angsty romance
fairytale retelling
torutred protagonist
Robin Hood (before the “Hood”)
Recommended for: no one
Format: kindle & paperback (coming soon)
Pub date: January 7, 2020
TW: ptsd, nightmares, hunger/starvation, fire, friends punching you playfully
Inspired by
Anne with an E
Christmas in medieval Germany aesthetic (=fruit+huddling by the fire+everything is black, brown or red+songs in tenor)
Robin & Ru thirst (sorry)
The Heirs (again)
A Little Life by Hanya Yaganihara
my pain ok
Cover art: Robin Hood by @morgana0anagrom
Chill: none (I mean look at that portrait he is soo gorgeous my poor lovely boy it almost makes me sad how much I make him suff-)
Coming soon: more Outlaws books (2&3)
Time to: stop talking now
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