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It’s time for the world to meet my Robin Hood! 

Everything I Do Book Reveal Party

Official portrait of Robin Hood from the novel Everything I Do by M.C. Frank

The amazingly talented @morgana0anagrom​ has created the most accurate, swoonworthy, amazing portrait of my tortured hero.
And it is a stunner.
artist: @morgana0anagrom
author: @mcfrankauthor

Everything you needed and didn’t need to know about the real Robin Hood:

First Name: Robert 
Nickname: Robin Hood
Title: Earl of Loxley
Job: Thief
Financial Situation: He is one of the richest men in England (in lands, mostly). But there’s a teeny tiny little problem: he’s been declared an outlaw and everything he possessed has been claimed by the Sheriff. So, he’s kind of dirt poor and filthy rich at the same time. But mostly dirt poor.
Appearance: Tall, thin, but muscled. Robin eats every few days, so as to leave more food for his friends, but he has the endurance of an ox. He has grey eyes and black hair, an amazing smile which he rarely uses anymore, and… you can see the rest of his features in the portrait.
Part of: He is leader of Robin Hood’s band of Merrie Outlaws.
Skills: He is the best archer in England. Probably France, too.
Training: He spent two years in the training camps in the Holy Lands, and then a few months fighting in the battlegrounds there.
Seen: It all.
Hobbies: Hunting, doing archery contests with his friends, playing with his cat, listening to his friends sing out of tune around the campfire, giving his food away.
Mental Health: He is suffering from intense PTSD because of spending about 2 years in the Sheriff’s dungeon. He also suffers from survivor’s guilt and is plagued by intense episodes of “blackness” in which his guilt and bad memories of all the things that happened to him when he was a kid overwhelm him. He sometimes has panic attacks.
Friends: Less than 10 really, really close friends, and more than a thousand all over the land. He has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of others and keeping them alive, forgetting all about his own needs, and there are so many people who love and appreciate him. However, they are so poor and powerless that they can’t do anything to help him. Three of his best friends are dead. All of his friends adore him and would give their life for him in a second. But that would literally kill him.
Enemies: The rest of the entire sodding world (in his words).
Love InterestDead Spoiler
Hopes and dreams: Only one: that the true King, his friend, would come back and reclaim his throne. But that’s not happening, as the King has been captured for the last six years, and is probably dead.
Goal: Stay alive. Find something worth living for, apart from Will, his best friend and cousin. Find the King and bring him back. Stop the Sheriff and his assassin, Guy of Gisborne from bleeding dry the entire country with their taxes. So much to do, so little time. So little food.
Story: (watch the video)

Bane of his existence: A boy that saved his life, and now is part of the outlaws’ band. He never stops talking. Also, there’s something strange about the boy. He’s brave and funny and loyal, but… he kind of looks like a girl.
In this story: He’s in for so much pain. But also, kisses. And killing things. So yay.
Short description of Everything I Do:A boy saves Robin Hood’s life in combat, and gets wounded. Robin brings him to the forest and he and his friends nurse him back to life. Robin trusts the boy and makes him part of his band, his life, and eventually his heart. Except, the boy isn’t a boy. It’s someone from his past, a loyal friend who was betrayed. And she is here to destroy them all. 
And then (of course) feelings have to enter and complicate everything. What follows is.. Death, laughter, archery contests, berries (@darquedreamerreads lol), robberies, forbidden love, swooning, drowning, raining, girls in boys’ clothes, men in women’s clothes, assassination atempts gone wrong and right, and most of all slow-burn and pining (so much pining). It’s a blast!
(find the full-and more respectable-blurb below.)

Reader Feedback making me cry:

Eeeeek! My heart is bursting! 
My favorite people loving my favorite book I’ve ever written and my favorite OTP characters that are complete and total endgame and have been in my head for YEARS I have literally no chill I am screaming

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