The Mermaid Diaries (1) - Announcing my new book!


New book, new diary.

You poor people lucky lot get to follow my misadventures as I prepare my new baby to face the world! 

My new book is Salt for Air and I will be announcing the publication date and final book cover soon. 


You should have that on a T-shirt
Time to answer some questions no one asked!
1. Why is this book only now getting to see the light of day, even though I have had the manuscript all done and ready to be beta-read for more than a year? Something bad happened. Read what.
2. What is it about?
It’s about this:


Ellie dreams of mermen.
She writes fanfiction about them, spends time in underwater kingdoms in her imagination, and reads tons of books and blogs about them, trying fiercely to escape reality: she is an orphan.
And not only that, but she’s bullied every day at school -she’s a nerd, she hates sports, she loves books and TV shows and she used to be overweight. Also, her dad who died a few months ago was a math professor at her school. What’s not to bully, right?
One day, the bullies go too far.
They didn’t mean to actually kill her (isn’t that what they always say afterwards?) but they did push her head in the toilet until she started drowning. But before she actually gave up, someone showed up in front of her. In the water. (You know, the toilet water.) He told her to live.
He also told her that she wouldn’t be able to save anyone if she couldn’t even save herself.
Which was weird. (Toilet-talking merman aside). Because she sees Emerald Eyes (that’s what she calls him in her head) again after that, so he wasn’t a figment of her imagination. Also, he told her she was going to save someone. Who? And also lol (she’s about to get evicted from her home, she can’t save even that, let alone saving an ancient civilization and the life of its exiled Prince). 
3. What inspired it?

Greek mythology in general, and more specifically three myths/creatures:

The Odyssey. Two line synopsis: Wealthy warrior has to face a long journey filled with magic, romance, danger and battle before he can reach his beloved home.
Alcestis: A much-beloved King learns that he will die in a few days, unless one of his subjects takes his place; when none comes forward, his wife, the Queen, takes his place.
The water creatures of Greek mythology: nereids, sirens, Poseidon, Triton, Medusa, Scylla, the amazons (spoiler alert - there is an army of those) and many more…


4. Who will like it?
Salt for Air is perfect for fans of:
  • Greek mythology
  • Kdrama - esp. The Legend of The Blue Sea
  • Mermen/mermaids
  • Hate to love romance
  • Action-adventure mature YA 
  • My Mad Fat Diary
  • Books about readers or writers of fanfiction (see Fangirl, Eliza and her Monsters)
  • Impossible romance
  • Cool siblings relationships
  • A hint of drama
  • Epic battles with a tiny bit of bloodsplatter sprinkled
  • Sea monsters
  • Fairytale endings
  • The girl rescuing the boy for once
  • Not super-slim girls dealing with their bullies and their self-image
  • Girl friendship
  • Modern Greece - beaches - ruins - sunsets
  • I think I should stop
5. Where is it now?
Why are you asking, do you think you’d maybe like to rea-?


Oh, ok. 
Right now I’m editing it once more, since I haven’t read it in months and months, to get it ready for my lovely beta readers. (I will be picking them from here.)
Next up I will be announcing the official release date, as soon as I find my reliable betas, and then it will be shipped off to the editor and right to your hands. 
When I’m ready to share it with the world, you are all invited to join my team and get your own free ARC! I am beyong excited for this book because in it I share a very special part of myself: my cultural inheritance.
5. How can I start reading it RIGHT NOW?

You can start reading it here for free today!


If you’ve read this far, thank you! 
If you’re as excited for my little mermaid story, leave me a comment, it would make my day.

Please add it on Goodreads, to be notified when the ARCs are ready!

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