If you are anything like me, then you tend to play any book you read as a movie inside your head.
Isn't it more fun that way, to visualize that character's jaw ticking in anguish, that girl's hair fluttering in the wind, that water splashing over the shore in summer?

As a writer, it's even more fun, because the "movie" in your head starts out as a blank screen -or stage- and you get to paint it with any palette of colors you prefer, and then to add the characters, the props, and to yell "action!" only you are the one who makes up the action as well!

I have been creating storyboards for Lose Me. for a really long time, even went to the trouble of printing out images and pasting them on an actual board, so they could help the story and the characters come alive inside my head. So I am beyond excited to share with you a little peek into what my head's been like all these months that I've been living in the world of Lose Me.

If you follow me on instagram, you'll already have seen all of the fun teasers I've made (if you haven't been there, pop over now, you won't regret it. There's TONs of  spoilers images there.) But this is something different.

The whisper of a kiss, the feel of water running through your fingers, the view from Wes' yacht, his book collection, his hair color (!), Ari's freckles, her wicked diving movies, a hospital bracelet, a brother's warm smile, Christmas in London, tea (TEA!), a milisecond glimpse of a stunt, one of Wes' cars (ah that boy), the feel of loss in the air, the beauty of Greece... The FEELS.

Here are some pictures that I think perfectly capture all of these, and more. Enjoy!
What is your favorite pin? Let me know in the comments.

*new Lose Me. excerpt coming soon*

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