Happy pub day to the long-awaited second book in the No Ordinary Star series!

Today is the release date of the second book in the No Orinary Star series, No Plain Rebel! Yay! 
The celebration is well under way on...
instagram and tumblr, so come on over and join us. If you have received an ARC for review, be sure to snap a photo of it and tag me, I'll share it all over the place.

This is a photo of both NOS and NPR, taken by my lovely friend Izabella @artistic.bookworm

The paperbacks look good too next to each other, don't you think?

If you're new to the No Ordinary Star universe, it's a three-part young adult book series about a soldier and a convicted girl in a futuristic, dystopian world, taking place on the last days of the year 2524. Only Christmas doesn't exist in their world, and neither do books. (Kissing doesn't either, but that's another story.)

Thanks everyone for your support, especially my lovely reviewers, who have been reading it like crazy since last week, and sending me the loveliest emails. I would be nowhere without you guys.
You've been with me every step of the way, encouraging me, sharing my posts, giving me your opinion on the cover, beta reading, and so so SO much more. 
I just love you. This is all worth it because of you.

Edited to add a few of the lovely photos you amazing people have been uploading. My instagram is on FIRE (literally, I just had to turn off my tablet for a while, it was getting too hot,lol) . You really are spoiling me, you know ;)

By the sweet @thelibromaniac

By my gorgeous friend @tea.books.lover

Both pictures by the lovely @clare.reads

A gorgeous photo by my amazing friend @velutluna_tic

Tons of photos after the break, see if yours made it! (If not, just drop me a line, and I'll add it)

Both pics by @withinthebookshelf :)

More beautiful photos coming in! Guys, you're making my eyes pop out of my head. These are so gorgeous (and there are more books than NOS and NPR in them... *tears*):

By Izabella @artistic.bookworm

By Claire @velutluna_tic

Both images by the talented @bassguitarwitch

Edited to add: 
I am so thankful for all of you lovely readers out there! On Friday, No Plain Rebel  made the bestseller list on amazon, and has stayed there since! I am so happy and grateful, and I know my poor little baby wouldn't have made it to the top without your help. Thank you once more. I love you all. (And keep the pics coming, they make my day!)

@withinthebookshelf just received both ARCs 
and took this lovely pic of them yaaaay <3 font="">

This one by @clare.reads has got to be my favorite.

By @velutluna_tic who is blurry (in the photo), but awesome.

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