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cutie koalamuffins to do this long and fun character Q&A tag for my upcoming NA novel, LOSE ME.
 It's 90 questions long (yep. You read that correctly.) but I will only answer the ones that are juicy (more after the break)
here. Here is the full tag, for whoever wants to do it for a character in their own novel, you're welcome to!

The character I’ll be answering these for is Wes Spencer, the hot Brit actor who is the MC of LOSE ME.

3. What is their biggest motivator?

He wants to prove himself.

5. How do they deal with/react to pain?

Emotional pain? He drinks. A lot. Physical pain? He’s tough. 

6. What do they like to wear?

Well, he’s a movie star who owns a boat. He dresses pretty posh

7. Which of their relationships have impacted them most positively?

Ollie and Ari. 

10. What is their favorite food/kind of food?

As of this autumn, Greek food. 
He almost had an orgasm while eating.

11. What do they feel most insecure about?

His worth. 

13. How do they react to feelings of guilt?

They make him want to change.

14. How do they react to/deal with betrayal?

Moves on, stays brokenhearted.

15. What is their greatest achievement?

Yep, there’s spoilers in this answer. Sorry.

17. What are they like when they’re drunk?

Super hyped. Irresponsible. Reckless

20. Fears?

Not being good enough. Not being worthy.

23. Do they collect anything?

Oh, he’s a bookworm (swooooooon)

32. Pet peeves?

Reporters and online/magazine articles about him.

33. Do they own any objects of significant personal importance?

A heirloom copy of Pride and Prejudice

37. When was the last time they cried?

Never. Until now. As a kid, maybe. Lots of issues.

39. Tell us about one of the times they got injured?

Car accident. Stunt.

42. Do they have any bad habits?


43. Why might someone dislike them?

Drinking, arrogant, full of himself, acts superior. Also, he wears college sweaters which look hot on him, but a bit preppy. 

44. Why might someone love them?

He is trying to change. After some point.

47. Are they romantically interested in anyone?

Oh, now, I’m not gonna tell you. 
You'll have to read the book. 

56. What Hogwarts House would they be in?


59. What are their views on death?

He’s pretty much had to think very hard and deeply on the subject, during the course of LOSE ME. 

60. What is something that they’re sure to laugh at?

Laurel and Hardy old black-and-white films. Also, his own youtube videos. But then again, everyone laughs at those. With those. You know what I mean.

61. When bored, how do they pass time?

He doesn’t have time to get bored.

63. Do they have an accent?

A swoony, British one :)

65. If they knew they were going to die, what would they do/say?


68. Do they become squeamish at the sight of blood?

69. Is there anything that they find really gross?


71. Do they enjoy helping people?

Well, he adopted a one-eared dog, 
but that’s not exactly people. Or is it? ;)

74. Are they quick to anger? What are they like when they loose their temper?

Hides it with caustic humor. Also, his eyes get really hooded and dark. Then he acts cold and aloof. Ugh. 

76. Are they good at cooking?

Oh yes, my friend.

77. Favorite insult? Do they insult people often?

“Clod”. And, boy, does he. 

78. How do they act when they’re particularly happy?

Silent. Smiling.

82. Do they exercise regularly?

Oh yeah. He does weights, he surfs, he’s a movie star, so yeah. Also, he does most of his stunts on his own, 
so he’s in pretty good shape.

83. Are they comfortable with the way they look?

A little bit too much.

85. What kind of personalities do they find attractive?

Brave, fighter, different from anyone else.

87. What is their age?


88. Are they tall or short or somewhere in between?

Tall. Way tall.

91. What is their sense of humor like?


98. Something that they regret?

Oh, lots of stuff. You’ll see.

sneak peak of the first chapter after the break

I had SO much fun doing this!

Here is the link to the synopsis for LOSE ME. on goodreads, and you can read a free sample of the first chapter, Stunt Girl, here.

So, what did you think of Wes? Does he sound like someone you'd want to spend a book reading about? Or does he sound like someone you'd love to punch in the face? For me, the answer to both of these is yes.

Read more fund questions (and answers) about the characters in LOSE ME. here.

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