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Book candy classics

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they’re gorgeous
they’re new!

sink your teeth into
your favorite story


discover new ones
to swoon over

Love the classics?
then this is the place for you.

Book Candy Classics is a brand-new series that
is bringing you your favorite classic literature rebackaged in deluxe, gorgeous and illustrated softcovers.

 There are all the best-loved books, from Jane Austen, to Charlotte Bronte, and then some less well-known, if not fully obscure, which 
The Collection began in 2015 and has been growing steadily every month! Don't wait another minute before you get your hands on these exquisite items, they're selling fast1

I have had the wonderful blessing of getting the chance to design some of these covers,
as you will find if you follow their links.

 I can't wait for all of you readers out there to discover these wonderful stories, to immerse yourselves in them, to fangirl or fanboy, and to share your experiences with me. 

So come on, join in the fun!

The editions that I share here are all of them illustrated,
brand new and deluxe
and extremely affordable.


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

the most famous love declarations
in classic and modern literature

The Light Princess by George Mac Donald and Other Stories 

Right-click the free sample page-spreads below, and they'll get bigger.
Then save them, print them and color them! It's that simple.
You can also share them, but just remember to give credit to this blog as well. Thank you.
this coloring book is extremely cheap (and gorgeous).
Thousands are requesting it as of today, 
so get it before it's sold out. Hurry...

The Blossoming Of Rose Campbell (2 books in 1) by Louisa May Alcott

Eight Cousins is the story of Rose Campbell, a shy, lonely, fragile girl without a home. She can stay with either of her six aunts or her bachelor uncle Alec... but how to decide between them and the most lively, handsome and exciting clan of boys she's ever met? 

And when the time comes for the greatest choice of them all, will Rose have blossomed into a young woman capable of loving and being loved as she deserves? Doctor Alec and the boys are in for a ride, watching and waiting until they can see their Rose in Bloom.

This gorgeous paperback, as well as ebook (it's only 0.99 USD!!, which is a steal) have very recently been created and are not much known in the bookish world yet. It's the perfect read for someone who loves clean romance with a dash of adventure and a little bit of drama. It's a really under-appreaciated book, so go read it and review it so that more people can know about this awesome story!
I read it in my late teens and have reread it many many times since, as an adult.
I just adore it.

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  1. When will you offer Jane Eyre: The Coloring Book?