Welcome to Story Friday
where I share a favorite video, short film or trailer related to our favorite books! 
I'm so excited to be...
finally starting this new series of posts. 
I've been dreaming of doing this for a very long time. I wanted to share more stories on here and since the reason we all love reading is the feelings and the actual visualisation in our heads of everything that's happening on paper, I thought videos are perfect little stories for all of us to fangirl over enjoy. 
So that's what these videos are. Short, rich, visual stories. 

I hope you enjoy the wonderful videos I'll be bringing here as much as I enjoy watching them (over and over again - that's no joke, most of the views you'll see of these ones on youtube are mine). Please feel free to ask for videos on your favorite characters and/or books, as there will be everything in here: romance, drama, violence(?), book trailers, classic films, K drama, action, dystopian, period, aesthetics. The works.

With that being said, what's a better place to start than...


Thought I'd include two videos this time, as they are filled with characters from our favorite stories. Enjoy!

From jemwhisper's channel on YouTube, seriously I've never subscribed to anything faster in my life.

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