It's lovers day every day in...

Kdrama land!

Although actually, 
we'll be talking about Asian dramas in general, 
and how they have inspired and influenced my writing, mentioning specific aspects and scenes. 

So if you're looking to find your next obsession on the screen (and be warned, it will be an obsession -don't say I didn't warn you), or a bit of dirt on my novels, read on.

Yes, exactly. You're welcome.

1. Autumn's Concerto.
Although I'm not a huge fan of the d-bag the male protagonist is at the start of this series, I absolutely loved how he was transformed (ground into dirt would be the more accurate term) and had to work his behind off to win the girl. Loved the intense kisses in the rain, too. Yum. (A lot of sadness in this one, though, but as we all know, I'm not a stranger to that. Lol.)

2. To The Beautiful You
This absolutely genius, cute drama has given me so many ideas I want to evolve and develop into about seven different stories. We'll see. In the meantime, let's just say this is the story of a girl going to a boys' school in order to get an Olympic athlete to compete again.
Does it get more yummy than this? Let me tell you, it doesn't. (Even though it's a bit hard to suspend your disbelief some times, with KPOP, you just have to roll with it. And enjoy.)

3. Boys Over Flowers (aka oh, boy, here we go)
It's so hard for me to articulate my thoughts on this one, because I love it so much. And let's just say that the world probably owes my (admittedly amazing) books to this dude:
who is the inspiration behind Felix's character and appearance. And a LOT of the kissy/swoony scenes in Lose Me. are a result of this:
Or at least they were while I was outlining and brainstorming the plot of the book. The idea of a bunch of brilliant dudes sharing a bit of bromance and drama over girls and, in general, trying to do life correctly, is heavily influenced by the millions of times I've watched this thing drama, and I can't be thankful enough that it has come into my life. It's now something familiar and comfortable, that I watch every time I need the feels, cheering up, or good old chemistry inspiration for a new story.
Needless to say, if you're a fan, please leave a comment so we can fangirl together. And if not, watch it now, for the love of cheese. You'll thank me. (And curse me, but that's another matter.)

4. Hana Yori Dango
is the Japanese counterpart of Boys Over Flowers, and the original series that was based on the manga of the same name (BOF is a remake). It is vastly different in tone and interpretation, but no less yummy, funny, and swoony.

5. One Litre of Tears
This is where you begin to hate me (unless you've already watched this masterpiece, in which case you hate life in general, so what's one more person?) Anyway, no need to explain how this drama shook me to my very core and changed me forever. Its influence is obvious all over Lose Me., as it deals with heavy, life-threatening issues. This movie is based on a real person's life and struggle with sickness, and it's just amazing, heartbreaking and perfect. I've watched it countless times, and you should too.

6. A Millionnaire's First Love
Another movie that will ruin your life. This one, too, features an a-hole turned human-being, turned into a crying, wailing, blubbering much of a person because of a girl he learned to love. I don't recommend reform stories of idiot guys lightly, but this one... I don't just recommend it. I love it. And I think you will too, just don't forget your packet of tissues, ok? Ok.

7. Personal Taste
About time for us to smile a bit, don't you think? Well, look no further than Personal Taste, because: 1. Lee Min Ho ('nuff said) and 2. This gorgeous drama is so hilarious, holding-your-stomach funny, that you won't be able to stop smiling. And swooning alternatively. It's a classic comedy of manners and misunderstandings, but it's not so classic in that it has a very refreshing twist. And did I mention Lee Min Ho is in it? Cause he is. Boy is he.

8. Secret Garden
is the first Kdrama thingy I ever watched, and I'm not lying when I tell you I watched all 20 something episodes of it without stopping once, my mouth hanging open. It's so crazy and beautiful and funny and heartbreakingly gorgeous at the same time... I couldn't believe such a thing existed in the world. WHERE HAD IT BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE? Then I discovered the rest of this list, and I've been in heaven ever since.
Oh, and the protagonist in this one is a stunt actor, so yeah. That was the start of the plot of Lose Me., right here. The rest, as they say, is history. 

9. Secret
Piano, geniuses, self-sacrificing love. You do realize this is the inspiration behind Pan's character from Lose Me., don't you? Well, he's not quite at the self-sacrificing part, but... I told you I have gotten a TON of inspiration from these amazing works of art. This film has everything. A sweet romance, amazing music, and even time travel. It's the most genius film I have ever watched. And I mean it. I watched it with the dude one of the many times I watched it, and he was entranced the whole time. You should watch it with someone you love, too, so you can share this awesome piece of art, that's stock full of emotion and kindness.

10. The Heirs
Another poor, hard working girl caught between rich boys drama, but this one is different from everything I've ever watched. It's really emotional and deep, I wasn't expecting that. And the romance is way more intense than it's in any other drama on this list. The actors have matured, too, and the story is much more realistic and tangible. So much character development too, and you know I live for this stuff. I have been rewatching this one on and off while doing the final edits of Lose Me., and I can't tell you what an inspiration it has been, or what an insight into how young people can mature and grow up to be respectable human beings. In this one, my favorite character isn't played by Lee Min Ho (shocking, I know), but by another actor, whose character undergoes so much change, you won't believe your eyes. Now that's what I'm talking about.

So, regretably, we've reached the end of the list. Please let me know if you are familiar of any of these obsessions of mine, I NEED to talk to someone about it. (Hopefully before it's too late, and I need to talk to a therapist.)

Also, which one of these are you planning on marathoning this weekend? I think I'll start with Personal Taste again. While having Boys over Flowers playing discreetly in the background. And take breaks with A Millionaire's First Love.

Oh boy am I in trouble.

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