Most of you are familiar with my Regency Mystery Romance Novel
Ruined by now.
(If you're not, go check it out right now, you'll be glad you did, trust me *wink*)

The writing was gorgeous and everything from the setting to the character development…was pretty much perfect. I loved it. It was so beautifully written and grabbed me right from the very first paragraph. It truly was such a wonderful experience to get to know Beatrice and Dominic.
~This Bookish Endeavor on youtube 

Well, it's just reached bestseller rank on Amazon! 
I'm so grateful to everyone who read, loved, and shared this book on tumblr and goodreads!  You guys are so precious, this book would be nowhere without you!

I'm planning a HUGE giveaway from the Book Candy Classics Collection as a thank-you,
and would appreciate your opinions as to which book you'd prefer to receive as a prize? 
If you answer in the comments below, you'd be a great help, and would also increase your chances of winning (once the giveaway is up and running) because it will double your entries just like that!
(Also major props to you for reading this far, if you have, most people just skim
when they're reading something online, so I just want to check to see how many people read my posts... Humour me.)

So hurry up and tell me, which one of these beauties would you love to own?
(All of them, I know. Lol)

Do you want to win a FREE paperback ARC copy of Ruined? There are still a few left!
If you're interested, just read this and then simply email me!

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Thau rantiel said...

I'd love to win Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre! :) Those covers are to die for!

Thau rantiel said...

I'm an idiot and I forgot about the most important thing in my previous comment -_-''
CONGRATULATIONS! This is so amazing and I'm so proud of you! It must be a wonderful feeling to be the author of the bestseller :)

Izabella said...

I know my comment is a bit late, but congratulations!!! This is amazing news :D

I know that the giveaway is already posted, so I won't say which are my favourites, but just wanted to share the happiness of Ruined being a bestseller :)