Random thoughts on reading #CarryOn for the 1st time

1. WHY aren’t all chapters in Baz’s POV?

2. Man, those spells sounds really stupid. lol

3. Who cares about what Agatha and Penny have to say to each other? Skip those chapters altogether (although not really, because Penny is legit the best character EVER)

4. KISS ALREADY, we’re more than halfway in!

5. This book actually answered a few questions I had about the HP series, things I thought Rowling had left out, or were plotholes… Not that I thought for a minute that JK would have let any plotholes just slip her notice, it’s just me who didn’t get it.

6. Seriously, the magic in this book is WAY STUPID (lol)

7. I hope this book never ends. I mean, that would SERIOUSLY suck

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