Pick a Cover for my Book!

I need your help picking out a cover for my Regency romance book, Ruined.
It has already been out for a couple of months now, and while sales are going great, I did a little experiment (if you read this blog at all,  you'll know that I'm still feeling my way around self-pub and doing all kinds of experiments, hehe) back in the summer, when I was preparing for the book's launch: I made a completely different cover for the kindle and for the paperback versions of the book. As expected, the ebook has been selling far more than the paperback, but that's ok. 
The thing is, I want to know which cover direction would appeal more to my readers.

So this is where you guys come in.

Would you please leave a comment saying which cover appeals to you the most? Just that. (There's something in it for you, if you check after the break. ;) So, yeah, check after the break, lol)

Here are the covers:

 Green cover
My personal favorite.

Pink cover
Sold like crazy, but for some reason I hate it.

Blue cover: 
Represents the genre (Regency historical). 

Which one would you pick off the internet or on a bookshelf?

Please leave a vote in the comments, or on my tumblr. Those who do, can....
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also email me at alexandrapen@gmail.com and

1. say who you are (so I can check out your comment, you might have different names on your blog or tumblr and your email)

2. request a FREE review ebook copy of Ruined. I will send it to EVERYONE who requests it! (yes, everyone, heaven help me.)

3. Leave a link to your goodreads and/or amazon, so that I can see that you read inside the genre (historical fiction) because I have had some people read it who requested it without knowing what it was about, and then they didn't want to finish reading it. So you absolutely MUST be a historical romance fan slash reader. You can also just say that you read within the genre, I'll believe you (wink)

4. If you read it and review it, giving it a 4 or 5 star review on goodreads and/or amazon, I will SEND YOU A FREE PAPERBACK copy

(as you can tell this previous experiment is working out pretty brilliantly and I'm willing to repeat it).

 Only real reviews count, i.e. must be over 200 wordds, say something relative to the story and characters, so that it's obvious you read it, and also, if it's 4 or 5 stars and you're requesting the paperback for free, please don't bash the book in your review, because then it's not a 4 or 5 star review. (sorry for clarifying all this, I know you know it, but people be crazy)

Thanks in advance for your help picking the cover, I'm going mad with indecision here. 
This shouldn't be so hard, right?

**note: if you want a sneak peak of the plot here is the trailer:
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