Huge February Fiesta Giveaway!

You won't believe what is happening on this blog today.

Are you seated?

Now, I'm not one of those people who consder February and red hearts and Valentine's day to be something important in life (lol) although when it comes to romance in books, well, that's quite another matter.

So when I was contacted to host this blog tour, I was jumping up and down. You'll be doing the same in a second.

One of my favorite authors of romantic novels is hosting a huge giveaway for February, in her February Fiesta blog tour. Today, she's stopping by my blog! I'm so excited.

The prizes for this one are BIG!

There's amazon vouchers for 100 or 150 usd. Can you imagine winning that kind of book-buying dough? Lol. Here's a sneak peak of Hannah's gorgeous books.
Masquerade is my personal favorite, although I've really enjoyed Burning Embers and The Echoes of Love as well, and will be reviewing them soon.

Please read my review of her novel, Masquerade, which takes place in Spain and completely took my breath away, as well as a very interesting interview with her here. You're really in for a treat.

Giveaway after the break.

A glimpse of Masquerade
It was five minutes to midnight. Luz moved swiftly to the veranda and from there, down the steps into the garden. She was aware of exotic scents emanating from the sleeping flowers and of the unruly beating of her heart that thumped so hard that she thought it might break like glass. It was cooler now and the breeze caused the leaves to rustle in the trees, making her think of smothered footfalls. 
Luz didn’t notice the pair of eyes watching her from behind dark branches as she wandered silently along the path like a spirit of this enchanting night. Her observer glanced furtively over his shoulder to make sure no one was following her or watching him. But all was still in romantic silence. His lips curled in a satisfied smile. He moved quietly and just as rapidly, keeping up with her on a parallel footway screened by a tall hedge of oleanders.
The lake lay dark, except for a wide golden path reflecting an expansive arc of moon hanging among a myriad of blinking stars in the inky sky. A stone plinth bench was tucked behind a lilac tree further up from the water, conspicuously empty. Luz looked around her. With a sickening lurch of her heart she noted Gemini was not there. Indeed the place was deserted. An owl hooted, making her jump, and a branch cracked behind her. She turned sharply. 
‘Is someone there? Andrés, is that you?’ she called out uncertainly, slightly unnerved by the silence and darkness. 
There was a rustling in the coppice. Her eyes widened in alarm as a man wearing a Tuareg costume suddenly materialized in the shadows from behind a bush. He was clad in a long, loose-fitting dark robe, a turban and a veil that covered his entire face except for his eyes. He took a few steps forward. Luz froze and felt the colour drain from her face. 
‘Stop right there,’ she ordered, battling to control the tremor in her voice. ‘Who are you and what do you want?’ Her heart was pounding wildly against her ribcage. At all costs she must retain a semblance of calm. The man did not stop, nor did he answer, but continued to move purposefully towards her. 
In the distance the church clock boomed the first slow, sonorous strokes of midnight. As the vibrations died away upon the air and once more silence reigned, the scarf covering the stranger’s face fell.
 Luz breathed in sharply and now her pulse had a new reason to hammer violently as she met Leandro’s green eyes and recognized the glitter of raw desire that mirrored her own.

Thank you so much, Hannah!

Good luck, guys. x

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