I need your Review!

Bare with me, just doing a little experiment here.

I'm offering to send a review copy, an ARC of my new book, No Ordinary Star, to W H O E V E R asks. Yes, you read that right. Am I crazy? Probably. Thing is, I'm not crazy, I'm just trusting you guys.

Here are the terms:

Send me an email requesting it at alexandrapen at gmail dot com (also you can send me a tumblr ask)

Please be certain that you can read and review a 120-ish page book within the next FEW WEEKS.

Please read the synopsis here and the first few chapters on my previous blog post, so that you'll only request it if it's a genre you GENERALLY READ.

Please don't be one of those sh***y persons that requests and READS a full book for free and then forgets and/or refuses to post a review to help the author out. I've sent about fifteen review copies out, to great personal expense because I don't live in the US and n o t h i n g. Not even one of them bothered with a rating, let alone a review. Which brings me to you.

Please help me, if you like. There are nearly five thousand people requesting this arc on Goodreads as of now, and I'm offering it to you for free, for whoever asks for it. Just like that. Please don't take advantage of me.

Thank you so much for reading and (hopefully) reviewing my novel.
To whoever sends me a link of their 4 or 5 star review on goodreads or amazon, I'll send a print copy. 

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