Top 5 Wednesday - Tropes You Hate

Tropes I hate is a very interesting subject, since there isn't much I hate in a good book, and if it isn't good, then I don't love, I don't hate, I don't anything... I just don't care.
But as we all know, when you love something passionately, as we all love books and reading, then you will most certainly have developed preferances. Things you adore, things you hate.

It's much easier to list 5 Tropes I Hate, according to the Goodreads scedule for August, than it would be to list things I love since there's soooo much I love in books. Just 5 things I hate.

Also, just an FYI, when I hate something, I really hate it.


Just hate them with a passion. The choosing between the two, the whole unnecessary drama, the entire 'I'm so good that everybody wants me" mentality of the girl... Just ugh. In addition I don't think there's any point to a love triangle, just to add to the angst and the 'team something' of the young impressionable teenage girls. And when an author does that... well, let's just say it's very hard for me to respect them as an artist. Because let's face it. There's nothing good about a love triangle. It's irritating in a book and simply heartbreaking in real life. Also a little gross.
I mean, think about it. If you had a friend who kept whining that she couldn't choose between two guys who were tearing themselves to pieces for her... well, you wouldn't want to be around that for long, would you?
Long story short, I try to read the spoilers and reviews and stay AWAY from these kings of books.


Don't get me wrong. There's no one who loves a spunky, scrappy, sassy heroine more than me. I love reading about them, I write about them, and I try very hard to be one.
There's a fine line between sassy and strong and knowing your own mind and being, to put it mildly a b****. I'm sorry to say I have read quite a few books that seem to make this mistake, in their struggle to make the girl tough and strong they turn out making them sound headstrong and foolish. And annoying. They end up making really stupid choices and hurting everybody, but the rest of the characters are like 'it's ok, you're a strong girl, so since your mistakes aren't due to weakness or fear, they aren't your fault'. It also kind of shows a bit of lack of craftmanship in the part of the author, or else we have all forgotten what it means to be a strong but kind woman -which might be the case, actually, now that I think of some of the messages we've been receiving...

There's more to being a heroine than decalring 'that's just me' and freezing the heart out of your sister. Just sayin.


I have no gifs for that, since the visual isn't invonved here at all. 
And that's exactly the problem. Let me explain myself. 
This concerns books strictly. 
The thing is, some books contain a kid (or several) intending its precense to be comic relief, or something of the sort, as in cutesy, funny and generally adorable. Well, more often than not they end up sounding spoiled annoying and destructive. 
The thing is, kids are really cute and affectionate, but if you can't see them, just being given a description of golden locks and huge eyes that look up to you while the little girl tears up every pair of pants in your new girlfriend's wardrobe, then I might have a hard time bying into the kid's cuteness. Take the Henry in OUAT, for example. Take Harry Potter, take every kid in every movie (and in every book) who has ever raised hell and made everyone dance to their own rythm. 
Do we find them annoying? No, we adore them. Because we can see them, and we are taken through their whole lives, their entire day, not just the breaking-things and yelling-for-ice-cream and straying-to-the-middle-of-the-street-so-that-everyone-will-rush-to-save-them phase. 
But if the kid is just a side character, or a REASON for the mom to wish to save the world or something lame like that, without giving me enough character developement on it, treating it like a pet or something, then yep. I'm pretty much going to toss the book.
And the kid along with it.

The Smarties

There's cute smart, beautiful smart, I-wish-I-was-her smart

and then there's

That one person who knows everything, saves everyone, is always one step ahead. I can't stand it. I have this thing where I find incredibly intelligent people amazingly attractive, whether they are in books or movies, whether they are villains of heroes. But that one person who is 50% smart and 50% judgement, just. No.

Now, this is serious

This is not something that I hate, it's just something that's inexcusable, and the fact that such books are out there, being read by young kids just breaks my heart. 

It's the death books. The suicide books, the cancer books, the ones who say "death can be something beautiful, something to fall in love through, something to exploit to make money."
Suicide is not romantic. There's nothing beautiful in dying from cancer. Believe me, I've seen both. And I'm telling you there's no place for romance or beauty or anything else there, anything else but a fight with tooth and nail to win over death and live.
I know it's harsh, but I also realize that all the authors who write about these subjects have not necessarily held their father's hand while he was taking his last breath, his body torn apart by disease. Nor have they been talked off a ledge, or had their wrists sewn together after the darkness consumed them.
I know, cause I have experienced these things, and just by reading one page in these books I could tell it's lies. It's all lies.
No one will be able to smile up to the sky, tearfully and yet hopefully after you take your own life. No one will be able to ever look at the place where their dad used to sit, let alone read his letters or whatever, after cancer has taken his life.

I feel very deeply the disrespect these books contain, and I wish they didn't try to convey the message that it can be romantic and beautiful in a heartbreaking way. Because it can't. It's heartbreaking without the beautiful. It's ugly without the romance.
And that's it.

There's hope, but it's not in a boy. It's not in a kiss. And it's definitely not in the 'nothingness' of sleeping forever. No one will find the truth in here ever.

Some books get it right -and they literally changed my life. Maybe saved it even, who know? Anyway, that's what I want to leave you with.
With the good ones.

My Heart and other Black Holes by Jasmine Wanga

An incredible book about love, Physics, weirdness, mental illness and life. 

Left Drowning by Jessica Park

This book was almost triggering for me in the beginning, but it ended up being really discerning and uplifting. Totally glad I read it.

Just One Wish by Janette Rallison

This book treats illness with respect. It's also really funny and romantic, very sweet and feel-good. One of my favorites.

Black Box by Cassia Leo.

Just an FYI, I'm going to talk your ears off about this book in the following months, probably. It's a book about wanting to die, and having a good reason to.
It changed me.
From now on, whenever I feel myself sinking into the darkness, I remember what I read in this story and i realize there's a way out. Also, EVERYONE who is dealing with a hurt, fragile, suicidal person should read this now. This is how you deal with it, people.
This book changed my life. (Oh, did I say that already?)

What are your hated troves? Did I hit any of yours? Also, don't forget to leave me the links to your posts, I promise I'll read them all ;)

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