The #1 and a gift

Happy spring everybody!
This month came in on a high note for me, because my new book made the #1 spot in Amazon's Kindle Best Sellers! Yay

You can go grab it while it's free (for a couple more days, I think) here.

And now for the GIFT!
As some of you know, I love working with photoshop, and I have made quite a few wallpapers for my personal use. I have posted some of them on this blog before, and now as a reward for your support and readership during thisvery exciting time in my life, I'll post a few more.

These are FREE WALLPAPERS, which you can save to your computer or your phone by right-clicking. Please add credit, though, that would be appreciated.

This first batch is from Persuasion, the 2009 version, which happens to be my favorite (period) movie of all time, and my happy place when I need a movie to cheer my up, to calm me down, or simply to inspire me.
I hope these wallpapers will do the same in a really small way for you too :)

Here they are:

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