Adventures in Editing (part one)

Hello everyone!
So, it is finally coming true. My book is slowly (and painfully) becoming a realitly! Its pre-order page has been up for a few days now, the cover prettily waiting for readers to open it -when the time comes, which time will, God willing, come on February 14th.
And meanwhile, I am editing.

Now as some of you might know this is by no means my first try at editing my work, I have been through this process at least three times before, with the three books that I've written, and I don't know if this is normal or usual, but I enjoyed every moment of it. Immensely.
I have, as editor-in-chief, edited countless articles written by others, and one or two books as well, but of course the process is entirely different when the person who does the editing is also the author. 

But this time it's different.
This time I am feeling to insecure, second-guessing almost every phrase, words that I have read and thought about so many times that I know them by heart, and still suddenly they seem awkwardly put together to me. 
Of course what I have found out since I've been an author is that what makes for good editing is making no excuses for bad writing, and sparing no trouble until a sentence says exactly what I want it to say, bending it to my will and not tolerating anything but perfection.
But then there is always the danger of overthinking.

And I think I am getting closer and closer to overusing, and losing, my mind.

Maybe it's time to do the one thing that always calms me and inspires me in times of writing crisis:
read a book about writing.
Or, better yet, reread a book about writing.

And here is my favorite one:

On Writing, by Stephen King

Also, just breathe. I can do this. Can't I?

Also, Happy New Year everyone!!! May it bring you peace and blessings, and God's presence in your life. Any good resolutions? Mine is to try to be more happy, as much as it depends on me -which it does, much more than I thought. Please share yours, I want to know what  your goals are, reading-wise!

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