The Blue Door by Christa Kinde

Embark on a faith-filled adventure with Prissie Pomeroy---a teen who can see angels! As she wrestles with her newfound ability she struggles to comprehend the spiritual battles being waged around her. Will she find the faith she needs to fulfill the unique role God has created her for?

From the Publisher:

ZonderKidz launches an exciting supernatural series for kids 11 and up. The Blue Door, the first book in The Threshold Series, introduces Prissie Pomeroy, a teen who discovers she can see what others cannot: angels all around. Even more startling is the surprising secret she uncovers about people she thought she knew. As she wrestles with this unexpected ability she must come to grips with the spiritual battles surrounding her. Especially when she learns she received this gift because God has a unique role for her in his bigger plan. But if she's to fulfill it, she'll need faith like never before.This exciting debut by author Christa Kinde draws on the rapidly growing interest in angel stories, an emerging trend in teen and preteen supernatural novels. Boys and girls alike will appreciate her gifted storytelling that captures their imagination with things beyond human sight. And parents will appreciate the family-friendly tone and godly messages maintained throughout this intriguing tale of adventure and spiritual warfare.

This is a book about angels.
The author portrays them as having a completely human form, body and life. I am not sure just how biblically correct that it, but that's how they are pictured in this book.
To be honest, nothing much happens apart from the main character, a little girl called Prissie, discovering that some of her neighbors are not human, and they are in fact angels.

She struggles a bit with this discovery, and asks many questions about how angels work in our world and who they are. And then she must discover the purpose for her special ability.

This was a cute, warm book, but a little too young for me. It says it is middle grade, I would say children's.
I think it would be suitable for girls up to ten, eleven years old, no more. 

It is a short book, and at the end it sets the scene for more struggles to come between the angels of light and those of darkness. Because, yes, there are evil beings out there too, who have their eye on Prissie. I am looking forward to the battle taking off.

Another thing is that this book offers a glimpse to the heavenly world, but to be honest I don't think it was portrayed very well or correctly, judging from what we read in the Bible. However it was brave of the author to try to tackle this, and the readers must judge for themselves. It might be dangerous though, if you are a young reader, it might give you the wrong impression about the angelic world.

The Blue Door is a book about possibilities, about seeing more than the world around us. It's about opening your eyes and about learning to let the truth in. It is also about love and kindness. It is about family and strangers and growing up. 

It is out now.

Rating: 3/5

I received this book via Book Review Pitch in exchange for an honest review.

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