Jane Eyre: the lonely edition

So, here is another weird fact about me: in a true Julie Andrews, "raindrops on roses" and so on fashion, I tend to watch Jane Eyre adaptation movies whenever I am feeling lonely or sad.
 I have about eight different versions of the story, and I sit on my laptop for hours rewatching the scene when Jane leaves the room full of Rochester's guests, and he followes her and asks her "how do you do" over and over again, comparing accents, and dresses, and trying to judge which Jane is prettiest. 
Then I open my book and read the same scene for the hundredth time, and spend the rest of the day banging my head against any surface that I can find, because not one of these movies has got it right.
I know, I have a problem.

These days I was wacthing the latest movie, the 2011 one. 

At some point, I must have paused the screen and pressed print, because suddenly these popped up in my Photoshop window:

This last 'blue' one is kind of my favourite. 
What do you think?
Feel free to right-click on them and copy and use them, only please credit would be nice. 

Is Jane Eyre your comfort read too? Or is it something else?
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Rachel Hoyt said...

;) I ADORE Jane Eyre. It is my favorite book ever. I don't generally read it for comfort, simply because I'll get caught up in the story and not be able to do anything else until I'm done, but I do watch the adaptations quite often. My favorite so far is the 2006 BBC version, with Toby Jones and Ruth Wilson, especially Ruth Wilson. I love love love when she makes Jane's speech to Rochester, asking him if she believes she has no heart. It breaks mine every time.

Rachel @ Paper Cuts

alexandra george said...

thanks so much for your comment, Rachel, it made me smile. I feel exactly the same. It's good to know there are people out there who love the same things....