I am Second

I needed this book. I didn't know how much. But I did. 

We've all hit bottom at one time or another. The important thing is what you do afterward. For the people who share their stories in I Am Second, coming to the end of themselves brought them to the feet of Jesus. Whether famous or unfamiliar they've dealt with the dark and painful consequences of issues such as addiction, infidelity, violence, racism, and abortion, to name a few. You'll read the testimonies of Josh Hamilton, Michelle Aguilar, Bethany Hamilton, Brian Welch, Anne Rice, Tony Dungy, and many others. From pastors to beauty queens, pro baseball players to single moms, they all needed the gospel of Jesus Christ. In turn, they've discovered the life-changing power of putting God first, boldly proclaiming "I Am Second."

These are not just stories about troubled people meeting Jesus. 
They are stories about people building their ruined lives back again, about finding freedom from pain, freedom from addictions and freedom from sin. 

The truth is, I was a bit sceptical about some of these stories, I thought they would be boring or superficial. Boy, was I wrong. 
There is nothing more powerful than the story about a man or a woman who has been completely broken by sin, sunk to the lowest level and then takes the offered hand of God to rise up and live life to the fullest. 
These are people who have taken responsibility for their mistakes and their sins. 
These are people who want to stick with Jesus no matter the cost. 
These are people who have rebuilt their lives from the ashes to the glory of God.
These are people who are second. 

He is first.

Rating: 5/5
Although I'd rather not rate this one as a book. It was more of an experience. 

I received this book for review from Booksneeze.

Their stories can also be found in videos, sometimes in even more detail than in the book, especially in this case: this one is my favourite. Enjoy.

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