Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen

In this new spin on the Robin Hood legend, Scarlet is the protagonist and the one through whom we 'see' everything. She is also a girl, contrary to every other story you have probably read about Robin Hood and his band of merry men. I simply adored this book.

It is packed with action, adventure and success. Justice-serving missiongs, saving people from burning houses and from tightly watched prisons, running through the forest and providing the poor with gold for taxes and meat. Everything one loves about the Robin Hood legend is here.
Plus romance. A lot of romance, clean and sweet and sometimes heart-wrenching. 

Robin Hood and his small band of other three people are very young in this story, younger than most legends portray them, but for some reason they sound more real and realistic than any other version of them. The historical setting also is detailed and gives a good feel of the time and place. I have no idea if it is completely accurate, but truth be told, I don't much care. It sounds realistic, and that is the hardest part of any story. 

There is no drawback for me in this book. It went instatly to my top favourites self.
The cover is very precise of Scarlet, and I found myself looking at it while I was reading, trying to picture her and Robin and John and Much hanging from the branches of the Sherwood trees. 

It ended in a somewhat cruel cliffhanger and I beyond hope that there is a sequel.
It is not often that a book can wow me, especially if that book has to do with my favourite historical and literary hero of all time. I am not easy to please, as you can see from my reviews. And yet, wow.

Just... wow!

Rating: 5/5
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