A New Year

There would be nothing in this life for me
without Christ.

A new year is just around the corner.
I have no idea what it holds.
But this I know. 
I want to live it.

I am grateful for having lived through one more year, and although at times I know I wasn't particularly happy or thankful for my place on this earth, I recognize this now as a fault and take it back.

Thank You for letting me live through one more year. 
Thank You for all the love you poured at me, through people and things and circumstances, although I wasn't always there to receive it.
Thank You for giving me one more year, one more second chance, one more infinite moment in which to love me.

I want to be reconciled with myself this year. I want to learn to love You as You love me, and to accept myself and my life as a gift You have given me rather than a punishment. 
I want to find more answers.
I want to learn more.
I want to read and I want to write.
I want to serve others, to serve You.
I want to live in this new year.
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