Bookish Top Ten of 2011: Best Of

I read many extraordinary books in 2011.
Some of them moved me, some of them made me happy, some of them changed me.
All of them made me dream, all of them made me think.
This is a selection of the ten best ones.

1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.

This is in the fantasy genre and it wowed me like I hadn't been wowed in a long time. Instead of starting to praise its awesomeness, I will link my review of it
Just... just WOW!!

This is a delightful ya contemporary christian romance, with a lot of incredible messages about grief and growing up. Excellent!
And here is Debra's YouTube channel, where I first heard of this book.

This action-packed, romantic dystopian novel might even replace The Hunger Games (review) in readers' preferences.
I certainly loved it. 
Especially the play on fears. Wow.

I am so sad and surprised that this incredible book hasn't got more publicity. It is a contemporary ya survival story that changed the way I think about nature and animals in every way. 
It is also terribly romantic and filled with action. 
It kept me at the edge of my seat. 
I wish more people would read it so I could talk with my bookish friends about its awesomeness. 

I absolutely loved this historical and contemporary ya novel. I thought it was brilliant, very well-written, romantic and deep.
Here is a link to my review and here is a bookmark that I made out of the gorgeous cover image.

This is fantasy at its best.
This is one of those books that aren't books, but an experience.
I was completely swept away. 
It was dark and tender and funny and sad. 
It was light and shadows and death and life.
It was everything.

This, in my opinion, is one of the best contemporary ya books out there. Not that it wouldn't be fantastic as an adult read too. It tackles a great many important and touchy issues with grace and depth and I loved it for this. 
It also includes one of my favorite pair in ya books, but that will have to wait for another top ten of 2011 post.

This book is part fantasy, part sci-fi, part dystopian, part survival. It is absolutely brilliant in its symbolism and its optimism. It is a rather dark book, I suppose, and not as middle-grade as it looks. 
But it spoke to me deeply. 
Also, there is a great deal of humanity in this book. Of good overcoming evil in the best and fullest sense. 

Every year I read parts of this book.
This year I indulged myself and reread it whole. 
Needless to say, I couldn't read anything else for days afterwards. Cause it's that kind of a book. You know, epic.
I hear a lot of readers saying casually in their videos that they haven't read Jane Eyre.
Guys, no. 
You aren't a reader until you have read this book. 
Do yourselves a favour. 
Most other books are just postcards compared to this masterpiece. And talk about moden issues... or romance... 

This fantasy, fairytale-esque book is amazing. It's dark and tender and... just beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful. I loved how different it was than anything else I have ever read. 
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