Forgotten by Cat Patrick

This is a book of realistic contemporary ya fiction, with a twist.
The twist is that the main character, London, has a memory of the future, but not of the past. And at some point every night, her memory resets. Everything is erased, everything is forgotten.
She gets by with notes that she writes down for herself every night and with the help of her best friend -and her mother.

But of course, this memory-related disability, makes for an interesting love-life when she falls in love with the new boy in her school. And then secrets from the past she can't remember start resurfacing, and generally everything in her precariously balanced life starts to change.

I loved this story of coming-of-age, and falling in love and finding yourself. 
The greatest part of it for me was the love story. It was surprisingly mature, not as in explicit content, not at all, it was a very clean romance, but in the way they acted, and they bonded with one another. You also have to love a romance where they have to fall in love every day all over again, because she simply doesn't remember him.... That aspect of the book was absolutely delicious.

There is also a slight mystery waiting to be solved, which gave a bit of a dark twist to the whole story and I enjoyed the suspence very much. 
It is also a stand-alone, as far as I can tell, which I appreciated to no end, with all these endless series that are going on everywhere and that tend to drag and drag forever...

I think there was a depth in this book that is absent from many other in this genre, about relationships between friends and between parents and their children and between a boy and a girl. Also, the book deals subtly with the matter of a disability, although London's is not one you meet everyday, and with the theme of sorrow, of grieving and of loss.

Rating: 4.5/5

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