There You'll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones

Finley embarks on a journey to Ireland, armed with bitterness and grief over her brother's death. And questions. A lot of questions. She wants to find God again, but she feels completely lost. 
She has the journal her brother wrote during his visit to Ireland as a guide, but nothing seems to go as she hoped it would. 

I absolutely loved this book. I saw Debra from Debra's Book Cafe raving about it on YouTube, and was curious to read it. I am so glad I did. Wow.

This book is about anyone who has even questioned the bad things that have happened in their lives. It is about anyone who has ever been angry at God and ready to give up on everything, Him, themselves, life. And it is about finding hope again, and the will to live and answers in the most unexpected places. 

The characters are so vivid, it's like they are leaping off the page. If only they would... 
There is a vampire actor who is a heartthrob, but who also has a tender heart and a mind to find the truth. There is a bitter old lady, who is of more help to Finley than all the pastors combined. There is a whole cast of characters to relish while to read. 

The descriptions of Ireland I found just mouth-watering and the romance... It was real and sweet and deep. No instant love at first sight here. Instead there is humour and friendship and sharing. I loved it. 

But most of all I loved the messages of this book, about grief and anger and decisions, and even about eating disorders.  I cried after I had finished it, not because it was sad -it isn't- but because it spoke to my heart. 

I think it will speak even to those who are not Christians. It is not preachy at all. Instead, it is just plain real.
And just plain good.

I read it via the NetGalley, but I have already bought it and can't wait to delve into it again.

Rating: 5/5

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