I decided to sign up for NaNoWriMo this month.
I only heard of it recently, so I am looking into how it works and everything. 

Here is how it works.

I am so nervous and excited and proud and scared.
Have any of you participated in the past?
Are you participating now?

And can anyone tell me how I am supposed to keep from biting my nails to the bone?

I hope it wasn't completely stupid of me to sign up...

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Cheree said...

It's not stupid of you. I'm also participating and can't wait to begin. I've been doing it for a few years and it's really good, if only to get your creative juices flowing to find stories to write. Good luck with nano.

alexandra george said...

thank you so much Cheree, you are a great encouragement. And brave, to be doing this for the second time :) You may have begun if you are in a different time zone, so good luck. I hope you win!!!! and thanks again x

barmybex said...

Not stupid at all. I'm taking part too. Do you want to add me as a writing buddy - just search for me 'Barmy_Bex' - what's your username. :D

alexandra george said...

hi Bex, I am so glad you are taking part! I just added you (I think). my name is Alexandra George. Good luck, I hope you win. Going now to see what your story is about. xo

Cheree, what is your nano name? do you want to be writing buddies?