I need a little help...

Hi everyone. 
I recently created an account in goodreads.

I am loving all the options of ratings, and reviews, and lists, and quizzes (!).
But I am not sure how to find friends.

If anyone would like to friend me, that would be awesome.
Any advice would be more than welcome. 

Thanks you guys in advance.
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Scarlett said...

I LOVE goodreads! I seriously don't know how I managed my reading lists without it before. I totally feeds my addiction, but oh well! I've friended you!

alexandra george said...

wow!!!! thank you so much. thank you thank you thank you. I think I am on my way to getting addicted too... :)

alexandra george said...

thanks to everyone who has friended me so far, you guys are amazing!
Shan, Karen and Gerard and Carla :) thanks so much.
I will go look for more people now xoxoxoxo