Wallpaper: Jane Eyre

I recently watched the new adaptation of Jane Eyre (2011).
The actors were really good 
(and beautiful, too, which doesn't happen in the book, but I liked watching them for two hours). 

I am very critical of book adaptations, and especially so when the book is one of my most favorite ones in the whole world. I happened to be in the middle of one of my rereadings of Jane Eyre, and it didn't help that I kept comparing the movie to the book. 
I didn't approve of it, as was expected, and I had to bang my head a couple of times on the bedpost, which was rather unpleasant.


I found that it had many original phrases from the book, in fact it contained the most faithful phrases I have ever heard on a Jane Eyre adaptation (apart, of course, from the 1983 one).
Also, it focused on Jane and Rochester's relationship, which was nice -I always wish these films wpuld skip the boring parts about her childhood and St. John- although it did not contain a few of my favorite scenes, and, as a result, the romance didn't seem half believable to me. 
All in all, it was better than I had expected it to be, and worse at the same time.

So, I watched it three times almost non-stop, then proceeded to watch the eight or seven other adaptations of Jane Eyre I own, and then watched it again. 
Then, I made a wallpaper.
You can right-click on it, as usual, although if you use it, credit would be nice.

Please let me know if you watched it
and what you think. 
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