Regency Reads

These last few weeks I have been on a Regency spin.
I don't know how it started, perhaps I reached a point when I was tired of all the seriousness of life,
and all the books depicting it. So I picked up Mr Malcolm's List by Suzanne Allain

which is a sort of a comedy of errors in the Regency World, funny, light and romantic, if sometimes silly.
In the end, however, it ended up being a bit unclean, although it has nothing graphic, so be careful of that if you want to read it. It was rather worth the effort, because the dialogue is sparkling and witty, although I would have liked more romance than lust and spoofs.

Anyway, then I remembered my love for Georgette Heyer (I really hadn't forgotten it, that was just a manner of speech,  never could have forgotten my love for her books).
Of course there are some very elegant Regency books written by christian authors, such as Catherine Palmer,

  Linore Rose Burkard and Julie Klassen, and many more, which I think I will start rereading (I own all the Regencies of these three authors) next.

 And after that, who knows? 
Maybe some Jane Austen BBC or Masterpiece? Lost in Austen for the millionth time?
Or maybe I should actually reread for the upteenth time her books. I did reread Persuasion last month, 

and it might have become my new favourite. There is nothing like a mature heroine and a hero who is already in love with her at the beginning of the book, for romance.

So that's what I have been doing.
Losing myself in imaginary worlds again, as usual.

Have you stumbled into another world by any chance recently?

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