Wallpaper: Daniel Deronda

Daniel Deronda is a novel by George Eliot and my favorite character in classical fiction, possibly the very top of my favorite characters of classical fiction. A few years ago I finally purchased the movie edition of the miniseries of BBC, and was further enchanted by the characters, the plot and the moral of this beautiful, moving story. It is dramatic and romantic and... well, classic.

After obsessing about the story and especially the love story between Daniel and Mirah for sometime, I decided to do what I usually do, so I began making wallpapers and bookmarks of the characters.
This is not one of the best-known classical stories, and I think it is a great shame, 
as it addresses many modern issues with great precision and also, compasion.

That's why I wanted to share some of my wallpapers.
Just click on them for a larger view.

Some movie quotes:

"She's had an unhappy life, but yes, she's born it all with patience and good humour and true grace and refinement."
-Daniel about Mirah

"Let me share all your sorrows and all your joys..."
-Daniel Deronda proposing

"I hope you shall never be sorry that I came."
-Daniel to Mirah

"I wish you could know everything about my life without me having to tell you"
-Gwendolen to Daniel

"She loves me, you see."
-Herr Klausmann

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