Scribbler of Dreams by Mary E. Pearson

I rather liked this modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet.
This boy and girl belong to two families who have feuded throughout a few generations, ending in a rather recent murder that involved both their fathers. Without knowing who they are, they meet at school and fall in love. And then it begins.

As far as star-crossed love goes, this wasn't so full of angst, although I did hate all the lying that Kaitlyn did and it did seem to be a bit difficult to believe that he didn't have any inkling of the truth with all her ridiculous lies and excuses. 
However, their romance was really sweet and tender, and the outcome beautiful. I also loved how Kaitlyn discovered the truth about the family feud and how it changed. And in the end, she was really brave, which was totally unexpected given her previous behaviour.

The only thing I was disappointed in (except for the lies) was that I expected a lot more drama in a book that claims to be a respectable retelling of Romeo and Juliet. There was none in this book, so maybe if it didn't try to call itself a Shakespearean retelling, it would be a really good teenage romance.

Which, it is.

Rating: 3.5/4

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