Lost Voices by Sarah Porter

I was fascinated by this book about teenage girls turned mermaids during the most traumatic time in their lives.
The mythology of this story is amazing.
Abused girls turn into mermaids and then proceed to sing ships to their death, thus venting their anger and pain on the human beings who hurt them. 

This is a very interesting premise for a book, as it deals with themes such as justice, forgiveness and the value of human life. A you can imagine, this community made up of hurt girls is quite disfunctional, and the majority of the book deals with that. The girls' realtionships, their petty fights -or bigger ones, their friendships and their competitiveness.

A book about sirens could not be without its tribute to art, and indeed sometimes the narration is so lyrical and poetic that it touches the reader's very soul.  There are beautiful descriptions that bring the sea-world to life, and even though sometimes it is a dark, cold world, some other times it is bursting with light, colour and activity.

What I especially liked about this book was its depth. It travels deep into the human heart, trying to decipher motives and sentiments, portraying the battle between evil and good that takes place within all of us.
The heroine, Luce, was a perfect, tragic heroine, making mistakes and hurting, yet rising above them and trying to defeat her darker side. I was captivated by her strength and compassion.

There wasn't any romance in this book, although there is the promise of one -maybe in the next?- and it ended in the most absolute cliff-hanger. This was even worse than the Runours by Anna Godbersen cliffhanger (if you know what I mean).
These two are the reasons this book doesn't get a perfect five, because otherwise it was indeed perfect.

Don't be fooled by the pretty mermaid on the goregous cover, this is a dark book, delving into the dark depths of the dangerous ocean and of the human soul.

Rating: 4/5

Publication Date: 7/4/2011

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