Addition by Toni Jordan

This really funny and poignant book is about a young woman who is suffering from a rather severe case of OCD, her attempts at 'normal' life, real love and a cure.

I think this book is supposed to be 'chick lit', but it was really deep, tackling serious issues and problems. It is also terribly sarcastic and at times even hilarious, what with the counting of everything and the inner dialogues and monologues of the heroine.
I loved its message.
I cried so hard at the middle towards the end, where the heroine discovers that to "cure" her, would be to deprive her of her personality, her character, her very self. 

We live in a world that tends to make everybody the same, to sort of try and blend everyone together. Our differences and quirks, even our illness or difference are what make us each one unique and we should each one of us individually withstand every effort to mold us into an 'accaptable standard'. 
That's what this book is about.

The man who loved her tried to change her, with the best intentions in the world, of course.
I won't tell you how that worked out, but if you do read this book, you are in for a surprise.

And one more thing. 
This book plainly tells about the great harm that antidepressant medicine can do, which may seem outwards like 'healing' but is in truth a slow and painful death of the brain.
I wish a few doctors could read this book.
I wish a few of my friends and family would read this book.

It really counts (pun intended).

Rating: 5/5

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