The Whispered Kiss by Marcia Lynn McClure

This clean romance retelling of Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful book.
In this story the Beast is no beast transformed by magic, but a man whom the heroine loved previously but who has turned into a bitter, vindictive person of wealth and fortune. He vows to marry her for revenge, she vows to make him human again.

Everyone who has read a Marcia Lynn Mcclure book before must be familiar with the peculiar edition they come in and I will agree with some other reviewers about the typo mistakes and about some words (adjectives, verbes) used once too often in the same scene, in the same page even.

But these flaws were in my opinion very very easily overlooked in view of the awesome plot and characters. I couldn't believe there was a book like that and the hero was what i have always dreamt a romantic hero should be. 
Also, the love story between him and the heroine was beautilully long-standing in time and in commitment.
I also want to say that this story does not follow exactly in the steps of the original "beauty and the beast" story, however i found it terribly refreshing and clever. For the beast's ugliness is in his soul and there is no other magic in the story than that of the heroine's love and devotion to him. 
That's why i could relate to this story.

This is my favorite retelling of Beauty and the Beast, and I have read quite a few.

Rating: 4/5

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