An "UnReview": Mr and Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy Two Shall Become One by Sharon Lathan

This is going to be an anti-review, of a 'book' (I hesitate to call such rubbish books, as I think it is an insult to the real books) that is supposedly a sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

First of all, this is a lie.
It is not a sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, it's a sequel to Keira Knightley's film of 2004 (give or take a year or two, I am not sure, I watched it with great distaste due to the fact that it's much different from the beloved book.)
That means of course, that there are some things that vastly differ from the actual book, for example when the happy couple reminisce on their courtship, they think back on the movie's hot scenes -that never took place- and not on the book's actual ones.

Secondly, the 'author' plainly states at the prologue that she hadn't read P&P until she saw the above mentioned movie. Now, that should give you a first impression of the quality of her writing, since she had no experience with classical authors while she was growing up. From where did she get the talent and the skill to write a novel -and a historical one at that-, when she started writing the next minute she watched a film?
I wish I could say here that her writing reminds of fanfiction, but no. It isn't even that good.

Which brings us to the third point.
This isn't a book, it isn't a novel, it isn't even a story. 
It's just plain, descriptive and graphic sex. With all the details. Over and Over again. The characters are married. So what? That doesn't stop the book from being pornography.

After Darcy and Elizabeth got married, they had sex.
I know that, it goes without saying. However, I am not really interested in knowing what exactly they did in the bedroom, how many times, or in the knowledge that they did absolutely nothing between their endless nights and days of passion.

There is one last thing I want to say about this book that made me feel infuriated at first and then unclean and  dirty.

After the final chapter, the writer has a page of thanks to various people.
At the bottom of the page, she thanks Jesus and says that God is her Rock.
I felt really ashamed for a minute after reading this, ashamed that I too am called a Christian.
I have no idea how a person can claim to believe in God and write pornography. It would be best if she had left God out of it. The 'book' is her own, and she can do whatever she likes with it. Bot God is God, and if I cried when I read this, I think He may have cried too.

Rating: On, no. This doesn't even deserve a rating.

P.S. I really didn't want to pollute my blog with the review of this.... this, but my husband begged me to do it, when he saw what condition I was in after having read it, so that other readers may be warned. I had actually read a few good reviews about it, and that's why I bought it without a second thought, its cover looking so serious and classic and all. If only I had read the first page where it says she hadn't even read the book until recently, I would have been spared the pain that was this... this thing that looks like a book. 

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