Nightingale by Susan May Warren

An american nurse with a past she would like to bury and forget, begins corresponding with a soldier who is also a doctor. Then her diance returns and she discovers that the man she was corresponding with isn't who she thought. But she has fallen in love with him. Then all hell breaks lose.

After reading Happily Ever After a few years back (it is one of those books that are too good to review, but I have to try and do it someday), I thought Susan May Warren might well be one of my most favorite authors in the christian fiction genre. After reading this book, I'm sure of it.

This is an incredible story. There is danger and romance and God in this book.
Everyone is broken in this book. The war has come and interrupted their lives and now that it is finally over and they can go back to whoever they were before it happened, they find that they can't. Gils miss their dead fiancees. Mother can't find their sons. The soldiers have lost legs and arms and their sanity. They dream of bombs, they hear cries in their sleep.

Esther, the heroine, is sure God is angry with her. She needs to be found out. She needs forgiveness.
Peter is a boy who is a very long way from home. He too needs to be found. He also needs forgiveness.
And Linus. And Caroline. And Rosie. And Mrs. Hahn. 
And the reader.

Perhaps there were too many descriptions of the characters' inner thoughts, because I found myself skipping pages containing information I had already been told or had guessed already. That was my only problem with this book, but truth be told it didn't bother me at all. And I can see how that might be necessary for some readers, to understand how God speaks to the human soul, and how much attention you must pay to be able to hear Him. I was truly blessed by this book, I learned a lot about forgiveness and second chances. And who doesn't need both these things?

I really hated the injustice pictured in the story, the prejudice and the terrible injustice. But that is what a good book is supposed to make happen. It's supposed to make you angry, to make you want to cry, to make you smile. To make you feel. And I certainly felt a lot of things while reading this one, from anger, to joy, to sadness, to elation, to thankfulness.

Romance is always my weak spot when it comes to book, and I am happy to report that the romance in this book was breathtaking. It actually took my breath away in one scene, I am not exaggerating. It was tender and sweet and caring. Like the way God treats us.

Rating: 4/5

P.S. Don't let the bookcover mislead you, the heroine is actually a very sweet, humble, caring woman. I almost didn't buy this book because of its cover, but I am sooo glad I overlooked it.
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