Bookmarks: Lost in Austen

I think it's getting worse. My love for all things Austen, I mean.
This time I started watching Lost in Austen (for the fifth time since it came out), and I couldn't stop. I finished it, all three episodes, or four, I don't remember because I watched them non-stop and then I started it again. From the very beginning. I intended to watch only a few parts, the most romantic ones of course, but then I decided I also wanted to watch the funniest ones as well (and there are a lot of those!). And then I also wanted to watch the sad ones. So I watched the whole thing over again, pausing it every few minutes and rewinding so that I wouldn't miss any of the delicious dialogue.
The next day I tried watching something else. Not something 'completely different' like the Monty Python's ambition of course, but another period drama, anything, something other than Lost in Austen. Needless to say, I couldn't. 
I watched it a third time. And instead of running through it quickly (after all I was beginning to say the lines along with the actors at this point) I actually paused it and took notes. I took notes
Is this normal?
Wait, don't answer that. 
I don't really care. The thing is, I loved it, and I have some quotes I want to share with you and two incredible bookmarks (if I say so myself). Aright, they may not be incredible, but I have not been able to put something else in my books for two weeks now, so that must mean at least I loved them.
Maybe you will, too.

Click on them and print, if you like.
The two quotes on them are two of my favorites.

"For there is more to say, if only the same words over and again."
                                                                         -Mr. Darcy, after he has told Amanda he loves her

"Not one heartbeat do I forget."
                                                                               -Mr. Darcy wrote it on a piece of paper and left it to Amanda (the piece of paper was actually a modern-day London bus ticket.)

Some more quotes from my notes:

Mr. Darcy to Amanda:
"You are an abomination, madam!"

Mr Bingley: "Whenever 'life is getting me down', I shall be sure to go down-town, eh Darcy?"
Mr. Darcy (somberly) : "With alacrity."
(right after listening to Amanda singing Down Town in the drawing room of Netherfield.)

"I love you. I love you. I want to die. I love you."

Amanda: "The entire world will hate me."
Mr. Darcy: "Were that true, Amanda, I would fight the world."

"I think you're a girl who's a very long way from home."

Some of the icons I used were from Fanpop. I also found a Livejournal community with Lost in Austen icons, here. Some of them are really yummy! As for the bookmarks, I made those myself, as always.

And now I want to watch it again.... Whatever shall I do?!?

May you all have a very blessed week and a happy one.
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