Wallpaper: Robin Hood

I have been watching the BBC miniseries of Robin Hood and am absolutely enchanted by him! I have also been busy updating my Robin Hood fanfiction, so I have been spending a few Robin Hood days -so you might say. 

For those of you who have watched the miniseries, and will understand what I'm talking about,
I have discovered that I own a ring that is almost the exact replica of the one Sir Guy of Guisborne gave Lady Marian in the first season (the one Robin later stole from her finger). I am now almost constantly wearing it, and considering asking my husband to try to steal it, in a Robin-esque manner....

Much as I dislike the Marian of the miniseries, I couldn't resist making a few wallpapers of the couple, so here they are. It's really the same wallpaper, done in three different versions. Left-click for the larger image and you are free to save them to your computer, if you like.

In other news, I recently found out that Richad Armitage, the Sir Guy of this series and also the Mr. Thornton of North and South, also a BBC miniseries, has done a recording of three, I believe, of Georgette Heyer's books! Imagine my delight when I found this out! I am currently listening to Sylvester, one of my fvorite GH books, and I have to say, he is more than doing it justice.

What a lovely way to start the week!
The bookshelf is full of books, a beautiful voice is reading to me one of my beloved books, my husband is coming home any minute, and God is watching me from heaven.

I wish you all a happy and blessed week :)

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