Robin Hood Books

I just realized (to my horror) that I haven't yet mentioned here my favourite hero: Robin Hood.
So, here are some of the books that have created and kept alive his myth and history in my heart since I was a child.

Robin Hood of Longman Classics (for very young readers)
Maid Marian by Elsa Watson (I love this book.)
 Hood by Stephen Lawhead (This story differs a lot from the well-known legend and is an interesting take. This book is the first of a trilogy, however I have read only this one, and didn't enjoy it as much as I thought.)
The Highwayman of Tanglewood by Marcia Lynn McClure (This is not a  Robin Hood story, perhaps a retelling. However, this outlaw is incredibly brave and romantic and could very well have been my favourite hero in person. I absolutely adored this book.)

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