February Books and The Tragedy of a Girl Living in Greece Part 2

( a pirate romance and adventure. For those of you who are not familiar with this author, she writes clean romance)
(this one is about a locket that takes you back in time in order to erase a mistake that you did)
(about a designer of wedding gowns, in Paris)
(a dystprian novel about neo-gladiators)
(this highschool romance needs no introduction)
(these three are fairytale retellings from the Once Upon A Time series)
(Angria is the land Charlotte invented with her sisters and brother, and these are the tales she wrote for leisure. I did not know these stories were in print, and was thrilled to find this book after reading A Taste Of Sorrow)
(this gothic romance is penned by the author of the Mysteries of Udolpho. In Jane Austen's books, and especially Northanger Abbey, her heroines are alternatively captivated or mocking 'Mrs. Radcliffe's' books. I had to find out what they were talking about.)
(this amazing anthology of short stories -really short- is authored only by very-well known authors. Each story is really special)
(you can find a review of this amish collection here)

So, the 'Tragedy of  Girl Living in Greece' is no longer a tragedy!!!
Why? Because I discovered the Book Depository, where you can shop books and they are sent to you free of shipping costs. On top of that, they are a but cheaper than what you would regularly pay for them. I had heard of people buying books from there, and they said that it takes a bit too long for the books to arive. I prepared myself for an even longer wait.
(that is explained here, in my other 'Greek Tragedy' post)
To make a long story short, the books started arriving merely a week after I had placed my order, because apparently they were shipped from the UK. That made me reconsider the whole 'tragedy' outlook on my situation.
I have decided that I am happy with it, tragedy or no tragedy.

I also ordered some of the books from ebay, and bought two or three from a local bookstore.
I have ordered a few more books from the Once Upon A Time series, and expect them shortly.

This week I plan to post a link in The Story Siren's IMM post, so we'll see how that goes.

I am going to do some reading now (surprise!!!), so have a wonderful day and God bless.

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