Love on Assignment by Cara Lynn James

The story is a 1900's romance between two journalists of opposing newspapers. The one is godly and striving to bring God's word to the masses, the other is undercover and posing as a governess trying to discover a scandal in the others ones life, with the purpose of shutting him up forever.

I liked this book, whose storyline resembled classic novels such as Jane Eyre, and God was there, although He was more preached about than lived about. The characters fell a little flat for me, as if they didn't belong to this era but were more modern, although this was a time of great changes and would perhaps justify their contradictory behaviour.
There wasn't much action in this book, but that was one of its charms. It gave out a feeling of peace, of calm and of romance. The hero was very romantic, and his children who were main characters in the book were cute and not annoying as they ofter are in this kind of novel.

I understand that there is a previous book in the series, and I think I will try to find it and read it. There are some recurring characters from that book, but nothing that would prevent the understanding and enjoyment of this book. I think this book could stand alone.
It was not my favourite, but it was sweet and beautiful, and I totally recommend you read it.

I also read this book via the NetGalley. NetGalley rocks!!!!!

Rating: 3/5
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