the hop!!

This week the question, posted over at Crazy-for-Books' blog, is:

 "Why do you read the genre that you do?  What draws you to it?"

I started reading Christian fiction because I wanted to read stories that had God in them, how He works in people's lives and how those who believe in Him follow His ways through various trials.
However, I won't deny that this genre has rather disappointed me, as  I really often find really godly fiction out there. Instead, most of the books characterized as christian fiction are just regular books with a verse or tow thrown in. I have started reading less and less books in that genre, but it is still my favourite.
I also read historicals because I love reading about the customs and ettiquette of another time.
I read classical literature because it is the greatest form of educational art.
And recently, I read ya, because I find the books in this genre deliciously simple and honest.

So what was your answer to this week's question? Leave the links to your blogs in the comments below and you will most probably win a follower ;)

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