Everlasting by Angie Frazier

At the end-of-2010 survey, I chose this book as the best cover of the books I read in 2010, so I thought I ought to review it as well.
It is a historical and also a fantasy novel, and I think it  is a YA book, but it is read very pleasantly by an adult, too. It is mainly a mystery story, with a good dose of adventure and romance. It has a few dark points too, related to dark magic in the depths of the Australian desert, but these mostly confused me instead of making the book darker and more gripping.
The story is this: a girl goes on a trip to Australia, boarding the same ship with the boy she is in love with, and who is working in the ship, in search of adventure and answers, hoping to postpone her arranged marriage back home. Due to something mysterious along the way, she is left fatherless and ship-wrecked on an Australian shore, looking for her long-list mother and running for her life. With her is the boy she loves, Oscar, and danger seems to be able to unite them in contrast to their different social status that separated them back home.
This plot sounded fascinating to say the least, but for me this book didn't exactly deliver. It had its moments, of course, romantic moments and moments full of suspence, but overall it was a bit confusing. The book built up for a grand finale in the last pages, and maybe there were a lot of loose ends to be wrapped up. In result, the end seemed contrived and I was still left with a few questions hanging.
Other than that however, the book was enjoyable and a quite pleasant read, so overall I would resommend it. It just didn't wow me like I thought it would

Rating: 3.5/5
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