With an Everlasting Love by Kay Arthur

Christianna, the heroine of this novel, is engaged to Joshua, who has left her for some indefinite period of time, with the fervent promise to return. In his absence, however, she starts to think that he might not in fact reappear and is tempted by a charming stranger. However, this story being a parable of the christian's life, he does return. What happens then is the greatest surprise and miracle of all.
I simply love this book. It is a most beautiful portrayal of God's faithful love for the most sinful human being, and it is also a metaphor for the believer's struggles in this world, where sometimes it seems the Lord's second coming is delaying beyond our endurance.
Joshua's love brought me a clearer idea of Jesus' love for me (and also reminded me of my husband).
This is a beautiful, christian, profound book. It encourages, it edifies, it evangelizes. It speaks of God.

Rating: 5/5

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