Snow Angel: Jamie Carie

A romance with atouch of mystery set in the gold rush in Alaska, this book promises to be a comfortable winter and Christmas read. There is beautiful and ambitious Elizabeth, running from the secrets and the pain of the past to a slender hope of a wealthy future. There is Noah, a God fearing man who rescues from a blizzard and falls in love with her. And there is Ross, a ruthless guy with an agenda of his own.
The plot was rather promising and the cover beautiful and I was looking forward to enjoying this book.
However it proved to be really slow and after the first chapter things hardly moved at all. The plot was barely existent and it seemed like more emphasis was given to the character's inner thoughts than their actions.
Quickly, the book became mainly about forgiveness, which is a theme I am much interested in and the romance was centered around that, which I liked very much.
However, there was a huge problem with this book, and that is that God is essentially absent. People say "thank God" and "God help me" every now and then, but that's about it. The hero is a believer, the heroine is not and this doesn't seem to change by the end of the book. I was really disappointed by this, as I expected the really strong forgiveness theme to be backed up by Scripture and the belief in Jesus. 
The writing is not so good, but that wasn't a major problem. This is after all the debut novel of the author.

Rating: 2/5

you can listen to an interview of the author here
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