Hi, everyone, I just wanted to apologize for not posting anything for so long. The truth is, I kind of got discouraged and was considering stopping altogether. But finally, whether anyone is reading this or not, I love blogging too much to give it up. So, if anyone is out there, I'm back.

I also wanted to talk about a wonderful thing that is happening in my life right now and I am so thankful to God for it, because it is something I thought would never, EVER happen to me.
I am writing a book!!!!
Wow, just typing the words made it that much more real. I still can't believe it!!
Our God really is the God of miracles. And though I keep disappointing Him, He never gives up on me. Writing this story is the greatest gift (and the best form of therapy too) I had in a long time.
I almost (almost) don't care whether it will ever be published or not. It is such a delight just creating it, that I thank God every day for letting me do it.
And as for readers, I don't have to worry about no one ever reading it either, because my hubby already has read what I've written and is waiting impatiently for every word i'm gonna write next. That's what love is, after all.
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