From the G. Heyer Shelf: Friday's Child by Georgette Heyer


          Rejected by Miss Milborne, the Incomparable, for his unsteadiness of character, wild Lord Sheringham flies back to London in a rage, bent on avenging Fate. Vowing to marry the first woman to cross his way, who should he see but Hero Wantage, the young and charmingly unsophisticated girl, who has loved him since childhood...

            This Regency romance is witty, funny, incredibly sweet and romantic. Lord Sherry is completely lovable and, if womewhat careless and self-centered, life and more importantly marriage, soon change him most thoroughly. Hero is impossibly naive and stupid, but I can forgive her easily these negative characteristics, as she is the most king-hearted and giving person imaginable (hence the title, I think).
               This GH book is in my top favourites of all time, because, among everything else, the hero is really young (around 24) which is not typical of GH heroes at all. However, it makes the story much more modern and realistic, plus I could identify with his dilemmas, wanting to live the wild life, but on the other hand, having to take care of another human being. One of the very best.

Rating: 5/5

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