A Contemporary Look: Moon Over Tokyo by Siri Mitchell


            Though Stars and Stripes reporter Allie O’Connor has lived in Japan for two years, she still feels like a foreigner. As her best friend prepares to move away, she prays for a new friend. Just a friend.
Soon after this prayer she runs into Eric Larsen at church, an old classmate from high school. Eric has recently been assigned to the U.S. embassy and lives in Allie’s district in Tokyo. In school they had been polar opposites. He had been captain of the debate team; she had edited the literary magazine. He drank espresso, while she preferred green tea. He is definitely not the friend she was looking for. And yet...here he is. Here she is.Will Allie accept this unexpected answer to her prayer? And will she be brave enough to really see the person she once chose to overlook?

          The thing that I loved most about this book was the life of an aspiring author it portrayed. I had no idea the heroine's struggles to become a writer, to put her dreams on paper, was such a big theme of this book. For me, this was what made the story. This, and the romance. Eric was so sweet, so understanding, so helpful.
         I also learned a lot about the daily life in Japan and generally about Tokyo. I had difficulty putting this book down.
          The only complaint I have is the fact that so much space was given to their political views, and how much these differ. I wish this space was occupied by their views on God. It seemed immature, silly and out of place. If the reader doesn't happen to be a politics enthusiast, he is bored and confused. Why are politics such an important part of their life? Why hasn't God replaced all this zest for politics in their hearts with zest for doing His will and helping others?
         The part where she is reluctant to fall in love with this amazing guy just because they differ in their political opinions was, for me, one of the most un-christian aspects I have read in a christian fiction book. That's why I give it a three star review. Otherwise, the writing was delightful, the characters alive and the setting really fun.

Rating: 3/5
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